Wicked Whims Mod

Animated Sex

Get your partner into a weird position on a bed, sofa, floor, or elsewhere. Request the ability to participate from additional Sims so that you can create an unforgettable orgy. Download and enjoy more than 10,000 animations from various creators, many of which support visual effects and custom props, or create your animation. Make your animation playlists by adding tags to your favourite animations.


Purchase the Fertility Awareness Test, which can be used on toilets, to learn about your fertility. Consider using the fertility treatment program to increase your chances of becoming pregnant. By using birth control pills and condoms, you can prevent getting pregnant. You can choose to use flat percentage chances of pregnancy in the Simple Pregnancy Mode. By using the pregnancy termination service, you can end an unwanted pregnancy.


Watch Sims engaging in sexual activity of their choosing, as determined by their relationships, interactions, environment, and personalities. They are supported by a stupidly complex recognition system of environment system that picks the best suitable location for sex based on the current most fitting situation.


Whenever and wherever you want, you can manually apply layers of cum or observe them on Sims' bodies after sex. By cleaning it off in the sink or the shower, you can prevent adverse (or favourable) reactions to the cum on your face. To make your Sim react to cum in a positive way at all times, obtain the "Cum Slut" Attribute trait.


Watch some porn on your computer or television to relax. If you enjoy watching people, get in there and watch as much as you want. Use vampire abilities to put the Sims in naughty situations. Sims visibly sweat when performing vigorous actions. Ability to wash off sweat by taking a bath or showering. Special 'No Sweat' satisfaction Reward Store trait. 'Sweating Overlays' can be turned off in settings.


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